Summer Hair Trends 2020


As we move into the final phases of reopening, women are eagerly scheduling appointments with their stylists. And though quarantine had many of us hiding our split ends in messy buns and covering color regrowth with hats and headbands for the past three months, we know that our clients are ready to create a plan for the future.

We have implemented a reopening plan that goes beyond basic safety regulations creating pandemic proof hair with customized cuts and color for an uncertain future.

Our stylists will work individually with you to create a unique, multi-appointment approach to build an infrastructure with an easy grow out and color plan.

As we step into the season of sunshine, (socially distant) outdoor brunches, picnics, and more we can’t help but think of all the hairstyles you can sport. Summer hair is all about no-fuss looks, but not without the glam!

Get ready for shag haircuts, blonde beach waves, summer braids, darker roots, and subtle highlights/balayage for that sun-kissed look. These looks will have a longer-lasting grow out leaving you with beautiful hair no matter what the future holds.

The Summer Shag

Fashion Colors

Blonde & Beachy

Summer Braids

Root Shadowing

Feather Extensions

We will add your customized plan with color formulas into the Dear Clark system as a digital profile for safekeeping.

As always we will continue to focus on providing the utmost safety for our staff and all the clients of Dear Clark.

The experience is different but our beauty goals remain!

Click here to learn more about our new sanitation & safety standards.