Home Hair: Creating a Lasting Relationship Between Stylists & Clients

Since this turn of events with quarantine set into place for America as a result of COVID-19, before the shelter-in-place order took effect I had the opportunity to visit some of my clients at their homes. I enjoyed this experience in so many ways.

Dear Clients,

I couldn’t believe how nervous I was going into an unfamiliar environment. I realize how nervous or maybe just slightly uncomfortable you might feel coming into the salon, especially for the first time. I understand how intimidating, or maybe vulnerable is a better choice of words, you might feel turning your everyday accessory (your hair) over to “the professional”. I want you to know, every client who reads this, how much I appreciate you, your trust and your faithfulness to our relationship. I feel that with this compassion forever installed, I have a new appreciation for you and your connection of expression that you have with our:) hair. Also getting to see your home, your sanctuary, gave us a more intimate relationship. These experiences helped me feel closer to you and have resulted in a more clear understanding of who you are. I feel very privileged that I was invited into your home in this time of vulnerability in the midst of this history-making that we are sharing together.

Dear Salon TEAM,

I realized how important and how much I depend on my team in the salon. I found myself turning to my apprentice, manager, receptionist, and co-workers out of convenience and comfort only to find myself in my client’s kitchen or bathroom alone. I appreciate your commitment to excellence and all the eccentric personalities I am blessed to have around me in my salon on the daily. I even miss the opportunity I get from diverting the drama driven by our egos we as artist tend to need around us:) I can honestly say that on day two of quarantine, I miss my salon family, I miss my clients, and I miss the interaction with all the amazing people I feel so blessed to experience each day.

COVID-19 has taught me not only how to sanitize my hands but how much I do love mankind. I appreciate all the personalities that make this world such a wonderfully interesting and beautiful place to live. I find that people are really remarkable and I am grateful for every one of you that cross my path. Some say they like dogs better than people, I love you all! I hope to see you all soon and until then keep your hands clean, practice social distancing, and keep your internal light bright for all to see!


Home Hair: Creating a Lasting Relationship Between Stylists & Clients
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Home Hair: Creating a Lasting Relationship Between Stylists & Clients
Before the shelter-in-place order took effect we had the opportunity to visit with a few of our clients in their homes. See how these visits gave us a chance to see your homes, your sanctuary, and gave us a more intimate relationship.
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