Summer Hair Care Routine: How to Repair Damaged Hair

Nailing down an effective hair care routine for summer can be a bit tricky. That’s why we’re sharing our top five tips to keep your hair looking healthy all summer long. 😉

A Few Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer…

1. Protect your hair from chlorine with a hydrating conditioner.

Most people swim a lot during the summer..duh! But what they don’t do, is take care of their hair before and after doing so. Chlorine can be nasty on your hair, stripping it of almost all it’s moisture, so here’s how to avoid that. First off, never wash your hair right before you take a dip in the pool. As a result, you’ll strip your hair of it’s only defense against chlorine: your scalps natural oils!

Secondly, after you swim be sure to wash your hair with a repairing and replenishing conditioner. We recommend our Resurrecting Rinse to infuse moisture, leave fine hair light and smooth, leave dry hair soft and shiny, and leave your color alone.

Pro Tip: Try wetting your hair and then applying conditioner to your hair before swimming. This practice gives your locks a defensive layer against the harmful drying effects of chlorine.

2. Go heatless this summer!

This is a lifestyle change that’s great year round, but is also incredibly important during the summer. When you think about it, it makes sense that during the months when heat can be an issue, that you shouldn’t put more heat on your hair via hot tools. It just puts more unnecessary stress on your locks. So here’s our recommendation: utilize quick and easy heatless hairstyles to to give your hair a break. They only take a few minutes to re-create and they’re gentle on your precious locks.

3. Take care to shampoo less and when you do, use the right product.

The summer sun can be very brutal on your hair, which is why you should resist the urge to over wash. It’s a nasty cycle you can get into if you over shampoo. Basically, what happens is the sun robs your hair of moisture and causes frizz and dryness. You then rush to the shower to clean your scalp, stripping it of most of its natural oils. Then you go swimming in chlorine or spend the day in the sun. What happens as a result? Your hair overproduces oil because you’re so short on it! The answer instead, is to wash your hair less. We know it’s not always the easiest, but it works wonders on the health of your hair. Try washing every two days and experiment with cute braids on days in between.

And when you do shampoo, make sure your product is working for you, not against! A shampoo that can aid in moisturization is key, so make sure you choose one with the right ingredients. In doing so, your choice shampoo will cleanse while still moisturizing! We recommend using our Resurrecting Wash. This soothing shampoo fragrantly revives and instantly hydrates all hair types, leaving color and keratin alone, to resurrect you and your hair.

4. Keep it cool for the summer!

Hot showers should be avoided. The last thing you want your hair to go through is a hot water shower after exposure to the scorching sun. A cool water rinse will help your hair retain its natural shimmer.

5. Now is not the time to slack on trimming split ends.

With all the environmental damage your hair will be exposed to, don’t be surprised to see split ends in your hair. This will more than likely happen even if you are protecting your hair, so be sure to be on top of trimming them. If you don’t, your hair won’t look and feel as healthy and volume may become an issue. Make it a point to visit your hair stylist every other month, or every two months.

Well, these are all of our tips for you today! We hope you picked up on something helpful and now feel ready to alter your hair care routine for the summer. If you learned anything today, what was it? Do you have any helpful tips for us for summer hair care? We’d love to know all this and more in the comments below. Let’s chat! 🙂


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Question of the day: Whats your favorite summer hair product to use?

Summer Hair Care Routine: How to Repair Damaged Hair
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Summer Hair Care Routine: How to Repair Damaged Hair
Nailing down an effective hair care routine for summer can be a bit tricky. That's why we're sharing our top five tips to keep your hair looking healthy all summer long.
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