The 5 Best Stay-At-Home Hair Care Essentials

The pandemic has left many people struggling to find a new normal, even with their daily routines. Those little habits and rituals of your daily life are essential to helping you feel safe and grounded—and that includes your daily hair care routine. So if you’re stuck at home during the pandemic, why not use the time to resurrect, revive, and protect you and your hair? For hair that looks like it’s been through the hands of a salon professional every week, we compiled a list of hair care essentials that are sure to bring your stressed hair back to life.


1. Wash

The best hair care routine starts with a good cleanse. The Dear Clark Resurrecting Wash is ideal for dry overstressed hair. The natural-based formula will leave your hair smooth, shiny, manageable, and renewed without weighing it down or leaving it feeling greasy.

2. Rinse

For best results, team your shampoo with a volumizing, moisturizing conditioner such as the Dear Clark Resurrecting Rinse. With Rose of Jericho, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed Oil, and essential oils, this conditioner will infuse moisture, leave fine hair light and smooth, leave dry hair soft and shiny, and leave your color alone.

3. Smooth

A smoothing balm is an essential part of any hair care routine and is a great way to calm and control unruly tresses. After showering or bathing, brush the Dear Clark Smoothing Elixir through damp hair for sleek styling or simply work into waves, air dry and shake free for frizz free curls. Either way, we help you conquer your style and love your hair once and for all.

4. Lift

Take your hair to new heights with the Dear Clark Volumizing Tonic. A few pumps to the roots will take you from flat to full with shine and volume that’s as high and wide as the Texas sky!

5. Seal

Seal in your style and protect from heat and humidity. The Dear Clark Finishing Salve gives you shine and definition to control short hair or texture and body for long, lusciously wavy hair. Use on wet hair to style and finish or on dry hair as a finishing touch; either way, this remedy will get you there.

With the right hair care products and hair care routine can transform your hair from limp and lifeless to long and luscious in no time.