Dear Clark,

You truly are a special place; one that transcends the typical definition of a hair salon and, instead, becomes an experience. There really is no other hair salon like you. From the laid-back, relaxed environment to the incredibly unique and talented stylists, it is no wonder every kind of person – free-spirited bohemians, active socialites, tailored women, business professionals, and trendy teens – have called this place a second home.

Personalization and expert execution are your best qualities, as you ensure every client feels and looks their best with hairstyles that complement their features and don’t conceal their true selfhood. Each head of hair is unique, and you understand how to carefully craft a stylish, bespoke hairstyle – whether that be a signature cut, a sleek chignon, or a transformative color.-change. Your stylists and colorists have evolved the hair salon experience, providing a space where the staff, in turn, educate the client and the public. It is mutual experience for one another. This kind of experiential education is only elevated by Holly Dear, beloved mentor and owner.

Holly is constantly providing her team with opportunities to enlighten them, creating a space where expertise, knowledge, and passion can grow:

“I value giving back to the industry through education and integrity. We can only build our industry as strong as what we pass down. The only way to continue to grow stronger is by giving back. If you give off the right energy for those around you to grow, you, too, will grow.” – Holly Dear

You are not only a creative haven for stylists, but for local artists, as well. As a community supporter, you celebrate these Dallas and Texan artists by showcasing their art on your walls and celebrating their individual perspectives on life. Your appreciation for entrepreneurship and Texas support are also shown with your own Dear Clark hair care and styling products. Hand-crafted by your team, these products offer every hair a high performing (and great smelling) remedy, utilizing natural ingredients from our own Lone Star State.

The Blow Dry Lounge you offer provides clients with an unbeatable and unforgettable pre-event or everyday experience. A glass of bubbly, an expert wash, and timely blow dry are just a few things I love about my blow-out. But, no pampering session is complete without your beautifully skillful and well-equipped makeup artists. Their attention to detail and professional prowess help to create looks that are not only complementary to the hair but also to the person.

With an experienced staff and an enlightened leader, you really raise the expectations and standards of what a hair salon should be.