Sexy & Wild Curly Hairstyles That You’ll Love This Summer

Natural curly hair and summer seem like each other’s archenemy. The summer heat and humidity are constantly making your hair curlier and frizzier. To try and battle the frizz you drench your hair in every serum, oil and spray you have handy. Instead of battling the frizz, what if you embrace the humidity and give those curly locks what it’s been asking for – curly hairstyles to rock this summer. Here are 10 sexy and wild curly hairstyles that you’ll love this summer.

Rock Those Natural Curls

We know – it can be kind of intimidating letting your natural curls fly free, but with the help of some hair products, you will love these natural curly hairstyles. To create a controlled frizz look, simply work a small amount of Dear Clark’s Finishing Salve into your wet hair after a shower. The Finishing Salve will provide your curly locks with the shine and texture it’s been craving.

Go Wavy, Baby

Beach waves are one of the hottest summer hair trends, and one of our favorite curly hairstyles. This effortlessly sexy hairstyle looks gorgeous on both short and long hair. Let your hair air dry, and if you still see some fly-away frizzies, smooth them down with Dear Clark’s smoothing elixir. If you want to define certain pieces of hair, go over a couple of strands with a medium-sized curling iron.

Braids Are Your Best Friend

Say it with me: braids are your friend, not foe. We know that braids can look intimidating, but once you get the hang of them, they’re a piece of cake! Go for cute and simple curly hairstyles like Dutch braiding your hair till your neckline and then tying it off into a ponytail, letting your curly or wavy hair fly free.

Get A Haircut Perfect for Your Curls

Sometimes all you need it a strategic haircut that will accentuate your natural curls. Try going for a LOB, with cropped shorter pieces in the back and longer pieces in the front. This will create a flattering angle for your face, and beautifully blended look for your curls. Another haircut we’re loving for curly hair is the shag. This haircut will give your strands a wispy, sexy look instead of frizzy and messy. Both haircuts look gorgeous when you let your hair air-dry and use a small amount of Dear Clark’s Finishing Salve to texturize and control your curly hairstyles.

If you want to try one of these wild and sexy curly hairstyles, but need a stylists’ assistance, come into Dear Clark! We’ll help you transform your hair into any sexy curly hairstyle. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700


Beat the Heat: 5 Cute Summer Hair Trends Perfect for Warm Weather

Summer: it’s hot, it’s humid, and your hair is not looking its absolute best. We get it – It’s hard to have your hair looking smooth, frizz-free and fabulous in the summer. The heat here in Dallas makes it challenging for your hair to look its best, but don’t worry! We’ve gathered our favorite summer hair trends and hairstyles so you don’t have to don’t have to worry about your hair turning into a frizz fest this season. Here’s Dear Clark’s guide to the cutest summer hair trends and hairstyles that are perfect for warm weather.

Beach Waves

Nothing screams “summer” more than beach waves! We love beach waves because it’s the ultimate “mermaid hair” look. Although this summer hair looks effortless, it requires a bit of styling. Using a mid-size curling iron, or flat iron, take random strands of your hair and create definition using the styling tool. Then use a texturizer to get that messy, effortless finish. Hello mermaid hair!

Sleek High Ponytails

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Sleek high ponytails are the perfect summer hair trend because not only do they look cool, but they’ll feel cool too. Instead of having your hair sticking to your face and neck because of the lovely humidity and heat, throw it up in one of the sleek ponytails. To add a bit more of style, finish off the ponytail with a messy fishtail braid.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Short hair is in, and we are loving it! This summer hair trend is taking the beauty world by storm. Get your hair off of your neck this summer by cutting off those long locks, and going for a shorter haircut. From short sleek bobs, to LOBs, you’re going to love your new look. Another bonus about having short hair for summer? It requires very little maintenance and styling time. If your hair naturally dries wavy or curly, add a deep side part, and then spray it with some sea salt spray for a beach-y, beautiful look.

Blonde Hair

As the temperature warms up, hair color is cooling down this summer. Some people shy away when they hear the word “blonde” because they think the hair color won’t flatter their skin tone, but the truth is there are many different hues and colors of blonde hair that complement almost any skin tone. From cool ashy blonde, to a warm honey blonde, or even bronde, this will be one of the hottest summer hair trends.


Braids, braids, BRAIDS! If you’ve read our beauty blog before, you know that the Dear Clark loves braids because they’re simple, quick and stylish. Braids are one of the best summer hair trends because they don’t require any heat or styling tools, and you won’t have to worry about the summer heat or humidity taking over your hairstyle.

If you want to try one of these cute summer hair trends, but aren’t sure if you can complete the look yourself, come into Dear Clark! We’ll help you transform your hair into any hairstyle. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700