5 Braid Hairstyles to Try This Summer 2017

In the summer, it’s so much easier to throw your hair in a braid and not have to worry about the humidity taking it over. Put away the straightener and curling iron for now, and try out one of these braid hairstyles for the ultimate mermaid hair look this summer. Braid hairstyles are great because you can wear them to an extravagant event, at the office, girls night out, or a day outdoors. While you’re traveling this summer, or at your next music festival, rock one of these braided looks! Here are 5 braid hairstyles to try this summer.

The Fishtail Braid

The fishtail is a whole lot easier than it looks! Not to mention, this hairstyle makes you look like a gorgeous mermaid. Wear one large fishtail braid, or do a cute, small fishtail braid off to the side to spice up any look.

French Braids

We’re seeing French braids EVERYWHERE! This hairstyle is great for those early mornings in the gym, or out for happy hour. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry have been seen rocking this look lately. Mix it up and try half fishtail braids and half french braids!

The Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is almost like a French braid, except you crisscross under while braiding. Wearing it down your back, off to the side, or into separate braids. We love these braid hairstyles because you can simply loosen the braid to give it the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Side Dutch Braid.

The Crown Braid

Are you ready to wear your crown, ladies? The crown braid is one of the ultimate boho-goddess hairstyles. This hairstyle can completely dress up any look, and it’s a whole lot easier than it looks!

Half-Up Braid Hairstyles

This season, we’re seeing tons of half up braid hairstyles: the Mohawk braid, mini Dutch braids, braids into buns, and the list goes on. The best part about half-up braid hairstyles is that you can wear them in a mix of tons of different ways, and they look chic and stylish every time.

If you want to try one of these braid hairstyles this summer, but aren’t sure if you can complete the look yourself, come into Dear Clark! We’ll help you transform your hair into any braid hairstyles you can dream of. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700

The Bob Haircut: Deciding the Most Chic Look for You

Short hair is in! No matter if you want to wear your locks wavy and messy, or sleek and straight, we’re seeing tons of ladies cutting their hair and going for the bob haircut- especially A-list celebrities. Don’t forget how hot it gets in Dallas during the summer; it’s so nice having short hair that doesn’t weigh you down. Want to get the bob haircut? Here are the most chic looks to help you decide.

The Bob Haircut

The bob haircut is a classic for a reason. For as long as we can remember, the bob haircut has always been one of the hottest hairstyles to have. A recent trend we’re seeing is wearing this hairstyle super straight and sleek with razor-sharp ends, with a slight angle. If you want a more effortless look, slightly wave your hair with your straighter. Effortless and beautiful!


Have you always wanted short hair, but we’re too scared to cut off those luscious locks of yours? Well, the time is now! Last year, the LOB took the hair industry by storm, and it doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Just slightly longer than your traditional bob haircut, the lob looks stunning on just about anyone.

The Short Bob

If short hair is your thing, you’re going to love this look. Everything about this hairstyle screams chic and stylish. Style this haircut with a choppy, angular cut for a textured look, or wear it straight. Play around and see which style looks best on you! The opportunities with this haircut are endless.

If you can’t quite decide which bob haircut is best for you, come into Dear Clark and one of our stylists will help you decide, and give you the most chic look! Don’t’ forget – Dear Clark is now open on Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Yay! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700

The Cutest Hairstyles & Haircuts for Short Hair in 2017

Short hair, don’t care!

If you’ve always wanted short hair, there’s no better time than right now to cut those locks! Short hair is one of 2017’s major hair trends! From short bobs to pixie cut, we’re loving this look. The best part is you can style your short haircut however you’d like – the opportunities are endless! It’s time to take the plunge, say goodbye to your long hair and embrace a short hairstyle for the new season! Here’s our guide to the cutest hairstyles and haircuts for short hair.

Trending Haircuts for Short Hair

The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is an iconic, and timeless hairstyle. Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry all rock pixie cut. We love this look because you can wear it so many ways: wavy, blunt, messy, sleek.


The LOB – one of the most stylish haircuts of 2017. This short hairstyle looks good on just about everyone! This is the perfect haircut if you want short hair, but aren’t committed to a pixie or blunt cut. This is definitely one of our favorite looks for 2017.

The Traditional Bob

The traditional bob haircut never goes out of style, which is why so many girls are still rocking this chic look! The modern bob haircut takes a more shaggy, rock star look, and we can’t get enough! Messy bob hairstyles are trendy, sexy and super easy to style (keyword: messy!). If you’d rather look a sleek and straight look, the bob haircut also offers a low-maintenance way to keep your hair looking #flawless.

Trending Hairstyles for Short Hair

Spring and summer are all about the messy, beach wave look. This season we’re seeing all the short haircuts being styled with a deep side part and messy waves. Don’t forget about festival season; Steal the show at the next festival you go to by rocking a vibrant color!

Pro Tip: Your straightener is the perfect tool to use if you want to achieve this wavy, messy look.

If you’re feeling modern and edgy, go for a sleek straight look! Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner love wearing their short strands with a pin straight look!

If you’re ready to update your look for spring and summer, and say hello to a new short hair look come see us over at Dear Clark! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700

2017 Spring & Summer Hair Trends: Must-Have Hairstyles You’re Going to Love

These spring and summer hair trends are all about 70s, boho and free-spirit vibes. We all know how Texas humidity can be in the spring and summer, but don’t worry – these hairstyles are humidity-proof, and ultimate #hairgoals. Not to mention, it’s festival season! These trending hairstyles are perfect to rock at the next music festival you hit. From trendy braided hairstyles, to pixie cuts, here’s our guide to the must-have hairstyles of spring & summer 2017 that you’re going to love!

1. Shaggy Layers with Natural Wave & Texture

The shag is the hairstyle to look out for this spring and summer. Pair the shag haircut with natural waves, and you’ll be getting complements left and right. Long or short, we love the way this messy hairstyle is sexy, and so easy to maintain. Shaggy layers with a natural wave is the perfect look for summer – effortlessly flawless.  A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Alexa Chung are rocking this ‘70s hairstyle, and making it modern again.

2. Deep Side Parts

The middle part and the side part are always neck-and-neck, but they’re both here to stay. If you like one more than the other, we have good news – they’re both trending this season! The deep side part took over the runway during NYFW, LFW and PFW. We love this hairstyle because you can make it sleek and edgy with a low ponytail, or pair it with long, wavy hair for the ultimate mermaid look. If you love this look, stick to your side part because it’s only going to get bigger as the season goes on!

3. Middle Parts

Like we said before, the middle part is here to stay as one of spring and summer’s hottest hairstyles. The middle part offers a boho, groovy, free spirit vibe that we’re going crazy for! Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid love to wear the middle with long, sleek, straight hair. If you feel like rocking a more free-spirited, ‘70s style, then style your middle part with loose waves or cute braids.

4. Braided Hairstyles

Braids are the hottest hair trend right now. Celebrities and fashion icons like Kendall Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Munn rocked the braided-look this red-carpet season. There are countless ways to wear your braids this spring and summer: French braid, Dutch braids, fishtail, small accent braids and thick braids. Whether you’re going for the messy braid, or the half-up braided look, which is perfect for festival season, rock your braids with confidence!

5. Short/Pixie Cuts

Short hair and pixie cuts are back, and bigger than ever! These spring and summer’s hairstyles are offering tons of different looks for short hair and pixie cuts. On the runway, models are rocking their short hairstyles with straight or slicked back. Depending on what look you’re going for, you can rock your new short cut with ‘80s-inspired curls or a sleek bob. We’ve always loved the pixie cut because it’s so timeless, and can be styled anyway you want!

If you want to update your look for spring and summer 2017 with one of these must-have hairstyles, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700

The Hottest Hair Color Trends to Try This Spring & Summer 2017

As we say goodbye to winter, and dive into spring, most of us are eager to update our look for the new season. Spring and summer offer some of the hottest hair color trends of the year. You’re probably asking yourself what could possibly top last year’s trends of balayage and grey hair? Those trends will still be popular this spring and summer, but get ready for even more exotic color trends. Spring and summer are the best times to go for a wild look! Here are The Hottest Hair Color Trends to Try This Spring & Summer 2017

  1. Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Good news for everyone – chocolate brown hair color looks gorgeous on pretty much everyone! The chocolatey color complements almost every skin tone. Another positive thing about this hair color? It’s easy to up-keep! If you want to switch up your look, but don’t want to commit to anything wild just quite yet, this hair color trend is perfect for you.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde is a beautiful mixture of warm reddish and blonde tones, and it is the perfect color for spring and summer. Depending on your skin tone, you can make your strawberry blonde color as light or as dark as you want! It’s no secret that this is one of the hottest hair color trends of the season.

  1. Deep Roots and Multi-Dimensional Ends

This look is great for everyone because it’s customizable to everyone’s face and skin tone. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to this look. You can make your roots as light, or as dark, as you please! If you want to go for a subtle fade of dark roots into lighter ends, or a drastic fade of dark roots to light, multi-dimensional ends, this look will be customized just for you!

  1. Baby-Lights into Lighter Ends

The baby-lights trend gives your hair a fresh, natural and beautiful look! It’s perfect if you want to switch up your look for summer, but still want a subtle change. Another wonderful thing about this trend is that it requires low-maintenance. Since the highlights are so fine, when your natural hair color grows out it just adds a softer presence to the look with no dramatic line of differentiation.

If you’re interested in updating your look for this spring & summer, book an appointment with one of our stylists at Dear Clark, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700

Dear Clark’s Uptown Art Spring Pop-Up Show on April 6

Local art, delicious snacks and cocktails at your favorite Dallas hair salon – what more could you ask for?! Mark your calendars for Dear Clark’s Uptown Art Show on April 6! Tres Reyes Fine Art Productions and Dear Clark proud to announce our latest Spring Pop-Up Art Show.

Keep checking our Beauty Blog for more surprise appearances as we get closer to the party. Of course, our fabulous and amazing Dear Clark staff will be in attendance, ready to have fun, and give tribute to our uptown art & artists. It’ll be a celebration you won’t want to miss!

Featured Artists

The Dear Clark Spring Pop-Up Uptown Art Show will feature four artists from Dallas, TX. These mixed-media works reflect each artist’s independent vision within the context of contemporary art, primarily through the lens of hybrid painting. This group show will feature art works by the talented Leona Perez, Ruben Ramirez, Astro Medina and Carlos Martinez.

Invite Your Friends

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Date: April 6, 2017

Time: 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Address: Dear Clark, 3317 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

Drinks & Hors d’oeuvres: Provided by Eastwood’s

Charity: Proceeds benefitting 29 Acres


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