The Modern Shag Haircut: The Hottest Haircut of 2017

This year, we’re throwing it back to the ‘70s, baby.

The shag haircut is back, and bigger than ever – making it the hottest haircut of 2017. You might be thinking “the shag haircut, as in the same haircut Mick Jagger has?” Oh no, the modern shag haircut perfectly frames your face, and can be worn with long, split bangs, or no bangs at all (for easier upkeep).

We love this update on the retro hairstyle because it gives you minimal effort for a maximum chic look. The best part is you can make the shag haircut as long or as short as you’d like! If you’re looking to get rid of those dead ends, and switch things up the shag haircut is definitely for you!

The shag works great for all hair textures and types, but be sure to keep your face shape in mind when considering how to style this cut. If you have a longer, narrow face try styling your shag with your bangs more spread apart so that your face isn’t completely hidden behind them. If you have a more round face, keep the bangs narrow to make your face look more narrow. Did you hop on last year’s trend of the LOB (long-bob)? Then you’ll love the shag haircut. Once your LOB grows out and gets too long, you can easily layer it into the shag.

You probably recognize the modern shag on celebs like Taylor Swift and Chloë Grace Moretz. It’s no surprise that this ‘70s look has made a comeback. This year’s hottest trends are all ‘70s, boho vibes and we’re loving it!

Photo by Jason Merritt via Getty Images

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