5 Cute and Simple Updo Hairstyles for Any Occasion

Admit it – updo hairstyles can intimidate us all every now and then, but the truth is they’re a lot easier to do than they look! A cute updo is great to wear to any occasion, such as weddings, girls’ night out, or even just a day outdoors. Not only do we love updos because they’re cute, but they don’t damage your hair since you’re not using any heat. If you want to try some cute new updo hairstyles, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide to five cute and simple updo hairstyles for any occasion.

  1. Boho Braided Updo

If you know how to braid, this updo will be a piece of cake. What makes it even better? You can pull it off in five minutes or less! Simply section your hair off into two (leaving a little hair out in the front), braid sections, wrap them around and secure them with bobby pins. Curl the pieces of hair you left out in the front for more boho-goddess vibes.

  1. Tousled Side Braid

This updo is cute, quick, easy and perfect for a day at the pool, or a night out with friends. Create a deep side part; French braid your hair from the side with the lesser amount of hair alongside the back of your head, until your ends. Secure it with a hair tie, and gently tug on the braid to loosen it, giving it a tousled, sexy look.

  1. Dutch Braid Top Knot

Dutch braid + top knot = the cutest braided updo. This is definitely one of our favorite looks for summer 2017; It’s effortlessly adorable. Simply take the top section of your hair, and braid it (Dutch or French; Whatever your preference is), then wrap it into a top knot, and boom – you’re done! Say hello cute half-updo.

  1. Space Buns

This festival season, we’re all about the space buns. This half-updo is exactly like the one mentioned above, except it’s split into two! Braid the top section of your hair into two separate Dutch or French braids, and wrap them up into two cute little buns – space buns!

  1. Side Dutch Braid into Bun

Part your hair to the side; Take the side with the most amount of hair, and start a Dutch braid from the top of your head; Braid along your hairline, down to your neckline, and secure it with a hair tie. Then wrap the remaining bottom half of your hair into a bun, and pin it into place. Tug on random pieces of your hair for a “messy bun” look.

If you want to try one of these cute and simple updo hairstyles this summer, but aren’t sure if you can complete the look yourself, come into Dear Clark! We’ll help you transform your hair into any updo hairstyle for any occasion. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | CALL: (214) 397-0700

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