A Guide to Choosing the Best Highlights for Your Hair Color This Summer

Everyone loves to lighten their locks over the summer for the ultimate sun-kissed look! With new techniques and hair color trends, it’s possible to get any type of hair color you want. But how do you know how to choose the best highlights for your hair color? We’ve broke it down for you, so when you decide to get highlights you’ll have a better idea of what color looks best. Here’s our guide to choosing the best highlights for your hair color this summer.

Skin Tone

If you’re about to update your hair color, one thing you should consider is your skin tone. We’ve all dreamed of having a hair color that is quite the opposite of our natural hair color, but it’s so easy to choose the wrong color for our skin tone.

If you’re fair skinned, dark hair can easily wash you out. And if you have a dark complexion, going platinum blonde can be tricky. Although, neither of these options are impossible because we’ve seen it done countless times on the runway and red carpet.

Thinking about lightening up your locks, but don’t want to get too wild? Highlights are the best bet for you!

Dark Hair

Warm hues, such as caramel and honey brown highlights look flawless on naturally dark hair colors. You can lighten up with a few highlights, or get balayage if you really want to lighten up dark locks this summer. Celeberties, such as Chrissy Teigen, has dark brown hair, but flows creamy caramel highlights for effortlessly gorgeous, warm locks.

Light Hair

Having light hair is great because you can easily-achieve almost any hair color and look fabulous. From golden strands, to cool ashy hues, there’s such a large range of colors you can play with. Ask your hairstylist at Dear Clark which hues would look best on you, depending on your skin tone and natural hair color.

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