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Dear Clark, Resurrecting Wash – CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS SHAMPOO! It really cleanses my hair and scalp while also leaving it soft.


Dear Clark, Resurrecting Rinse – By far the best thing I have ever put on my hair!

Natalie May

Dear Clark, Volumizing Tonic – In one of her recent monthly Birch Boxes, my daughter received a sample of Dear Clark’s Volumizing Tonic, and offered it to me. I love it! My hair is straight, flat, and fine, and your product is just exactly what it needed! I’ve tried so many products over the years, and your Volumizing Tonic is the BEST! Thank you!

Teresa Wright

Dear Clark, Volumizing Tonic – The Volumizing Tonic makes my hair big and shiny! Perfect solution if you want to go from flat hair to fab hair!

Angie Odette

Dear Clark, Volumizing Tonic – I have a full head of thick and really curly hair. I don’t need anymore volume. Got a sample in my birch box and LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell!! I spray it in my hair every morning and love it!


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  • Beautiful purple color melt by Dustin Handley.
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